Please read these Terms of Service carefully before using the our website (the “Service”) . is a site that provides ranked Counter Strike Global Offensive accounts. The buying and selling of Steam account is against Steam TOS. You accept the full risk of purchasing an account. If Steam limits or in anyway revokes your account will only replace or refund the account if you are within the 14 day warranty period. Outside of this 14 day period we will not refund or replace any accounts due to Steam intervention.

Playing a competitive matchmaking game on an account constitutes full acceptance of the account as it was received. If your account arrived at a different rank then what you purchased, please contact us before playing any competitive matchmaking games on it. We will refund the difference or replace the account. If you have played any competitive games we cannot help you with the rank difference at all.

Products are sent as soon as possible via e-mail (the one which the end user registers on the website) after processing the order. The estimated delivery time is one minute to twenty-four hours submitting the order in the system. If the order delivery is delayed once five minute period has passed, the customer should contact our customer service by live chat or e-mail.

You are responsible for any fees, taxes or other costs associated with the purchase and delivery of your items resulting from charges imposed by your relationship with payment services providers or the duties and taxes imposed by your local customs officials or other regulatory body. All products are virtual game’s accounts. The currency is USD. Therefore, there is no shipping costs or taxes on the website.

We shall not issue refunds for ranked accounts in the following condition:
1. Any account purchased from us and VAC banned due to cheats or any other illegal activity use by end user will not be entertained by Buy A Csgo Account.

2. Buy A Csgo Account will not be held responsible for the accounts sell by the end user to any other person.

3. Any individual who tries to scam or cheat with Buy A Csgo Account will be banned from our services and earlier accounts purchase from us will be confiscated. We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues receiving or using our accounts.

4. In case of a Party Member Ban leading to a loss of rank or wins Buy A Csgo Account is only responsible for a replacement of the product given the fact client contacts us within 72 hours of the purchase.

5.Once payment is done money shall not be refunded at all. Buyer can request for replacement of account within 12 hours Maximum (no information of account should be changed).

6. The customer is solely responsible for the security of his/her CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS AND PAYPAL ACCOUNTS. Buy A Csgo Account Ltd. won’t be held responsible for any kind of unauthorized purchase made from the customer’s Cards or PayPal Accounts on the site and will not be liable to pay any compensation or subject to an unauthorized chargeback.

7. The customer is required to provide his “PayPal Email Address” in the billing section of the site while checking out. If the customer fails to do the required or provides a false email address then Buy A Csgo Account “will not be held responsible for the unsuccessful delivery” of the product and “any Item not received chargebacks” will not be entertained by the company and would be completely null and void.

Replacement terms

  • You have been provided with a wrong account mistakenly.
  • There is no rank on the account at the time of purchase.

8. In case of an account being compromised or locked, the customer must notify us as soon as possible so we can try recovering the account within the next three business days once the complaint has been received. We will not be held accountable if the compromised account gets a VAC ban.

9. Buy A Csgo Account is not be held responsible or liable for the trust factor of any purchased account. Any account with a low or bad trust factor will not be subject to any kind of replacement or refund. There is no such tool to measure the trust factor of the account, due to that we do not guarantee a high trust factor on the accounts.

10. Any account purchased from us get VAC banned or GAME BANNED due to cheats used or any other 3rd party software used by the end user will not be applicable for a refund or replacement at all, and all requests made by the end-user will not be entertained by us.

11. In case of a Party Member Ban on a high ranked product such as Global Elite, Supreme Master First Class, Legendary Eagle Master, Legendary Eagle, the product will be reboosted to a random rank only.