New Rules For CSGO Championship 2020 To Win A Whopping $2,000,000


More than 20 million active CSGO players will now have to wait until November 19 for their favorite ESL One Rio Major 2020. Brazil, for the first time, will be hosting the sixteenth Regional Major Ranking CSGO championship for four days from November 19 to 22. Valve and ESL, the administrators of the championship, have recently announced new rules.

The tournament was also rescheduled to November from May due to the Corona crisis world over. With only one Major in 2020, the bounty to take home is $ 2,000,000 and players should now start to buy prime ranked accounts to be part of the championship and win the whooping prize money.

All roads lead to Rio, where the 2020’s CSGO championship will start at the Jeunesse Arena, which also hosted the last summer Olympics in 2016.  All those enthusiastic people who purchased the tickets for the May major can use it for the November championship. 

And if due to any prior scheduling and unable to watch the spectacular tournament can get their refunds by using the same email while purchasing the ticket. Also, to participate in the upcoming regional major ranking competitions, it is essential to buy high tier Ranked accounts.

 Valve and ESL being the administrators for this sixteenth CSGO Major championship, are now in the process of determining the time frame, point system invites, and others. They will be updating all the changes once they have finalized the list. And, as of now some of the previous rules that were changed include

Rule changes for Rio Major 2020

0Since the championship is now in November, it will be more than a year from the previous championship. Hence, to confirm the top form of the current legends and challengers, there are many changes in the rules. Also, to avoid unnecessary travel hardships during this coronavirus period, knowing the top form of the legends and challengers will be done regionally. 

  • Regional rankings of all the teams participating in Rio Major will earn their invites only through regional rankings
  • The rankings will be updated periodically and will be based upon their performance in the next regional major ranking championships
  • The teams will receive their major ranking points only based on their placements
  • Further details on the point distribution will be only after the final list of the upcoming major ranking competitions are ready
  • There will be two RMR series before the championship, and one will be in May and the other in the Fall
  • For major ranking events, the top regional major ranking  teams of the particular region should participate, and the event could be of any format, prize pool, duration, online or LAN or the combination of the two
  • In total 24 teams from the six different regions based on their major regional ranking will be the invitees
  • Put together there will be eight in legends, challengers, and contenders invitation available for the Rio championship
  • Based on the last year Berlin Major results, there will be invites from each of the six regions
  • The teams competing in the RMR can change up to two members before the event, and it will cost 20 % of the team’s point per player. 

Buy high tier and prime ranked accounts now to take part in the Rio championship to win the bounty prize of $2,000,000.

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