Frequently Asked Questions

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General Details

Why should one buy a CS:GO Smurf account at the first place?

Not all of us are genuinely skilled players or playing to grind the game, some of us are also playing to have fun and connect with our friends. Therefore, it is suggested to purchase a Smurf Csgo steam account so that one can enjoy the game while not ruining anyone else’s experience.

Is it safe to purchase a Smurf Csgo Account?

Safe, definitely yes. But the clients should also check for the old reviews and testimonies of any store they prefer to buy from since there are innumerous number of scammers and fake stores trying to hunt innocent customers. Our store is a reputable one and have been in this business for quite a long time and we believe in total customer satisfaction.

How can I avail the Prime Status in Counter Strike?

One can achieve the above in quite several ways:

— One can Grind their way to Experience Level 21 i.e. Lieutenant Rank 21 by playing competitive/casual/deathmatch/wingman or scrimmage mode. The player has to achieve a total of 101,000 XP in order to achieve the Prime Status. This is the most difficult and time-consuming method but the player is not required to spend anything but time.

— Buy Prime Status Upgrade from the Steam Store via your Steam wallet, Credit/Debit Card, Local Payment methods accepted by steam.

Buy a Prime Enabled (ranked or unranked depending upon customer’s choice and needs) Csgo Smurf account from a marketplace like ours i.e. Buy A Csgo Account

What are support timings and what is the ETA for delivery?

Our support is online 24×7 given the fact we have clients all over the world hence we have to keep up with their never-ending demands and requests. Estimated Time of Arrival for the purchased goods is not more than a few minutes, we try to be as fast as possible in order to serve the customer instantaneously but we have to verify the billing and shipping details used by the customer to follow PayPal Protocols.

What payment methods are available for a safe purchase?

Our store supports quite a big range of payment gateways that are not only reputable but also safe and protected. We use gateways that are industry standard 100% PCI DSS Compliant & Certified. We accept Cryptocurrencies, PayPal Payments, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, UPI, Paytm and Google Pay.

I Have made the payment but haven’t received any details?

As specified above we try to be as fast as possible to meet the customer’s demands. Once the transaction has been made the purchased good are delivered to the customer’s registered PayPal Email address (not on the billing details) in order to follow PayPal’s protocols and avoid unauthorized transactions. Customer can check their email’s inbox and the spam folder after a minute or two for the credentials of their purchased goods.

Prime High Tier / Service Medal Accounts

What are Service Medals?

There are two types of rank in CS:GO. First one is skill based namely Silver 1/2/3 and the second one is based upon the experience accumulated by the player after every completed match in different playable modes. Depending upon how much a player grinds in the game one can achieve higher experience levels in a short amount of time. After reaching the 40th experience level players get a option to opt for a medal named as CS:GO Service Medal and their level resets back to 1 once the player opts for it. The Medal is saved on their account as an achievement and anyone can check it out in the player’s csgo inventory. Csgo Developers and Valve releases a new Service Medal each year which are not only different in design but also colors.

How many service medals can a player achieve in one year?

A player can upgrade a service medal not more than 6 times in a single calendar year. Every time a player upgrades his/her service medal the color of medal changes from Grey, Green, Blue, Violet, Magenta to finally Red. In Order to achieve the Red Service medal, one has to accumulate 196,000 experience points 6 times i.e. 1.176 Million experience points in a single calendar year.

Why are High Tier Service medal accounts expensive?

A player has to grind day in and day out for a number of years before he could achieve a good number of service medals in his/her Csgo inventory. We have to evaluate such hard work and grind of our boosting team hence high tier service medal accounts are expensive in nature.  

Difference between service medals, coins, pins & trophies?

As explained above service medals are a type of badge given to the players once they achieve a specific experience levels in the game. This is not true for the rest of the badges. Csgo coins are the coins presented to the players who take part in special Operations released by valve every year. Some of the prominent csgo operation coins are Operation breakout Coin, Operation Wildfire Coin, Operation Phoenix Coin and Operation Bravo Coin. Pins are honorary badges that players can purchase from steam store whereas trophies are presented to those players who take part PICK’EM competitions during the Valve’s sponsored CS:GO Majors. A player can upgrade the service medal, csgo operation coins and Pick’em trophies but not the pins.

Benchmarks used to evaluate the cost of a service medal?

Service medals are tested against several benchmarks and standards:

  • Age of the Steam Account is an important criterion. Accounts that are 10 or more years old are highly expensive in nature
  • of Service Medals present in the inventory of the steam Account and their color levels.
  • Number of Competitive wins achieved by the player and Hours accumulated.
  • Number of Commendations by fellow players and team mates
  • Number of achievements and Operation Coins/Map Pins/Pick’Em Trophies.

Special High Hours Accounts & Bundles

What are the 5/10 Year Veteran Coin Accounts?

To be eligible to receive the coin the player must have a game from the Counter-Strike series or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The player must have owned the game for 5 years or 10 years and played the game at least once. The accounts which have these coins in their inventory are known as veteran coin accounts.

What are Special High Hours Accounts?

Such accounts specially hour boosted for years and years without actually being played by anyone. This way we are able to ensure that the trust factor of these accounts remain intact and untouched. Customers are able to enjoy the vanilla feel of the accounts as they are able to customize them according to their needs and likeness.

What are Loyalty Badge accounts?

On 6th December 2018 Valve pushed an update making Counter Strike Global Offensive free to play to all users. Valve also announced that all the accounts prior to that update were made Prime Enabled and were granted a special Badge known as Loyalty badge which commemorates loyal membership in the Counter-Strike community.

What are Bundle Set Accounts?

Such customers who like to purchase account in bulk in order to save time can look at our bundle set accounts. Such accounts are in a set of 2x 5x and 10x bundles. We provide extra bulk discounts on such account sets.

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