CSGO Player Can Now Play CSGO With Custom Mode Just Download, Install And Play


In January 2020, one of the most popular mobile games, the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) touched the magical number of 817.23 thousand concurrent players. The game reached the 850.5 thousand concurrent players mark in April 2016. The entire CSGO community is very focused to compete and reach a remarkable position. It makes one thing very clear! There is still a huge craze for CSGO among the gaming community.The majority of players have prime ranked accounts, and they are always very keen to enter the pro scene of the game. It has been very long since the gamers have witnessed some amazing Counter-Strike: Source days. In the past, players preferred to play with some custom modding including agents and weapons skins, uniforms, and various layouts in the maps.

Prime Ranked Accounts

Smurf Ranked Accounts do face some issues

Players are putting a lot of effort into the game right since its launch. Some of the players are even very optimistic about their gaming careers. But there are still some gaps when it comes to the overall gaming experience, especially for gamers having CSGO smurf ranked accounts.

Players still miss those old-school custom gaming plugins, where they were able to take their gaming experience to a completely different level. But there are still some hopes for the crazy gamers. 

There are some community servers with 128 tick rate computing, and they are continuously entertaining with some of the amazing custom gaming mods. You can still have that never-forgetting CSGO experience.

Valve is still trying its best with DOTA 2

If we talk about the present scenario, Valve still offers you some custom modding privileges through its well-known title DOTA 2 (Defense of the Ancients 2). Through DOTA 2, you can have an experience of a complete Arcade system which allows you to browse through a custom game section designed for custom maps. These custom maps are already a part of the modifications of the main game.

As of now, Valve hasn’t yet allowed the usage of mod plugins, even to the prime-ranked accounts. If somehow, you get access to these mod plugins, you may face some harsh actions, including a complete ban and disconnection from the main server.

Team Fortress 2 doing the trick for Valve, again

Team Fortress 2 is another famous title by Valve. And the company offers some cool modding stuff through this title as well. You can still have access to the mods, even if you have one of the CSGO smurf ranked accounts!

The company has added the mods through various injector firmware which are available through third-party sources. The company does give its disclaimer saying that they are not allowed or authorized by the parent company. 

Even after perfectly saturated, CSGO modding scenes are not very familiar to the public. And the reason is they are not properly subjected to them in real.

There is still a ray of hope

Despite being fairly unfamiliar to the CSGO modding scenes, there is a slow but steady transition, and players are sticking to various community servers, rather than competing against each other.As an option to use custom in-game stuff and mods, Valve successfully introduced the features like Weapon skins and knife models. You can check these in-game features even if you have one of the CSGO smurf ranked accounts. You can use these cool weapons even in official competitive games.

But again, life is not easy, even for gamers. If you want to get the best experience of CSGO, you will have to fill your steam wallet with some currency. If you are ready to do that, you are about to get the best of CSGO, again!

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