It is no wonder that the number of CSGO players hit the roof with 20 million nowin the world. And as you read this, more than 6 million of them are actively playing it now. Started in 2012 and with only 2 million players in 2014, within six years, it has jumped ten times to 20 million now. Hence, it is time for you to buy CSGO accounts to be part of these 20 million players and start playing CSGO games online.

If you wonder, what a CSGO game is or why buying a CSGO prime ranked
is buying happiness, the following facts may enlighten and welcome you to the beautiful world of CSGO games.

  1. CSGO or counter-strike: global offensive is a video game played by multiple players as first-person shooters.
  2. You can play it in computers with Windows and Linux systems and in
    consoles like Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation 3.
  3. There are many game modes to play online, and the Danger Zone introduced in 2018 enabling up to 18 players is the most popular game mode now.
  4. You have to only start the game with a knife and map to gain access to all weapons and ammunition to deactivate bombs and save hostages.
  5. If your computer has windows or Linux download the steam desktop app,create a user account free, install the CSGO, and bingo, you are part of the 20 million CSGO players in the world now.

But why should you buy CSGO prime ranked accounts?

Though playing CSGO is free, you have to pay for purchasing additional content like extensions and exclusive items. In addition, to have a head start and not to spend hours or even days to earn the rank playing the first 21 levels to get those skins and weapons, buying CSGO prime ranked accounts is important. It also would make you free from all the hassles that you have to encounter for starting the game.

Also, it may set you free from the hackers and cheaters out there to steal the joy of you enjoying playing the CSGO game. With prime CSGO accounts, you are guaranteed the best of the playing experience, as you only have to compete with players of higher level.

For instantly starting to play CSGO, buy CSGO accounts through reputed CSGO account providers for the following advantages.
● Within 5 seconds of making the payment, you receive the user ID,
password, in the email to start playing CSGO instantly.
● It is not only legitimate but also available at the most affordable costs, and you have the option of choosing your rank for playing CSGO for better
playing experience.
● Lifetime support and that too 24 X 7

Buy CSGO accounts and CSGO prime ranked accounts to enjoy the gaming experience of CSGO instantly and at its best.

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